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Posted on: 04-07-2014

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    I didn't think it would be possible,
but this year's Tiger bullpen appears
to be even worse than last year's
edition which cost Detroit a spot in
the World Series.
    It's nice that Drew Smyly got
a game three win with three
scoreless innings, but he goes
back to being a starter once the
multitude of early season off-days
are past.
    I can't judge new lefty Ian Krol
on one unblemished inning, especially
because he was hit hard at the end
of spring training when the regulars
played more.
    New RHP Joba Chamberlain was likewise battered in Grapefruit LGE
action and even the outs he recorded in his 1-IP with 2-ER allowed
in his regular season debut were loud.
    Phil Coke is still a joke with a first week 81.00-ERA.  
    Even new closing "savior" Joe Nathan has had two poor outings in
his three appearances, bringing back unpleasant memories of Fernando
Rodney and Jose Valverde.
    New MGR Brad Ausmus says he's, quote, "not concerned."
    Well, he should be.

    It's been fun watching the Grand Rapids Griffins Alumni Association
try to lift the Red Wings into the playoffs.
    Don't talk to me about injuries.
    Detroit has had more than its share, but other NHL teams have lost
key guys too and are managing OK without the missing parts.
    If GM Ken Holland had cut deadwood like Todd Bertuzzi, Mikel
Samuelsson and Daniel Cleary last summer, perhaps the kids would have
already clinched a post-season bid.
    Instead, the Wings are down to the final week still scrapping for a
playoff spot for a second straight year.
    Detroit's "Magic Number" is five with four games remaining.
    Sunday at the Superdome the Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania
streak ended at 21. Is this the April where the Red Wings' playoff streak
ends at 22?

    Will another pathetic Piston season please just end already?
    How long following the final buzzer will it be for lame duck team Prez
Joe Dumars  to get the pink slip?



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