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COACH KURT AT LARGE.....Th 10/6/11
Posted on: 10-05-2011

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    I was going to write today
not to be surprised if Don Kelly
got the game five at 3Base for
the Tigers.
    MGR Jim Leyland beat me
to it by announcing exactly
that during Wednesday's off-
    Kelly is 3-for-7 in the ALDS
Other LHand hitting option
Wilson Betemit is 0-for-8. While Brandon Inge is an unexpected 3-for-6, Inge
was 0-for-1 against tonight's NYY starter Ivan Nova in game one.
    Kelly is the clear choice.
    With Kelly vacating RField, I'm guessing Leyland will stick with veteran
Magglio Ordonez, a RHand hitter against a RHand pitcher, rather than
gamble with LHand hitting Andy Dirks. Although Dirks is the better defender,
he has no post-season experience.

    Many were surprised when Leyland dropped CA Alex Avila from his
customary sixth slot in the lineup after Avila went hitless in game one.
    Avila is now 0-for-12, compounding Detroit's bottom of the lineup ALDS
dry spell.
    Leyland saw it coming, which is why he acted quickly before game two.
Although Avila had a .295-BA for the season, he hit just .267 over his last
10 regular season games and was only 3-for-17 in his last five.
    Baseball managers get second guessed more than any major sport head
    I always try to temper my second-guessing by remembering the manager
knows far more about his team than we do.

    What about tonight's game five?
    It depends on what Doug Fister we see on the mound.
    If it's the Fister of August and September, the Tigers advance.
    If it's the Fister of game one, it's time to order spring training tickets.



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