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Posted on: 11-02-2009

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    For the second time in his recent Lions career,
center Dominic Raiola got involved in arguing with
Ford Field fans during the closing stages of
Sunday's latest loss to the previously winless St.
Louis Rams.
    At least Raiola didn't flip-off the fans this time.
    Raiola's weak defense was that he was just
sticking up for rookie QBack Matthew Stafford.
    If rabbit-eared Raiola could hear (by his own
admission) four fans taunting Stafford after a late
game four-and-out when the Lions had fallen
behind, then he should also have heard the crowd
of an alleged 40-thousand give Stafford the
loudest (by far) ovation during the pre-game
    The long suffering Lion faithful want Stafford
to suceed.
    Raiola should realize this and just shut up.
     Raiola is the center of an offensive line that has allowed 19 sacks during the
current four game losing streak.
     If a team captain is supposed to lead by example, then Raiola has failed in his

    It's time the greenest Sparty fiootball fans (including this one) admit that
Michigan State just isn't a good football team.
    Those pre-season projections of eight or nine wins have degenerated into
the realistic possibility of a 5-7 season.
    I mean, State's signature win this year was a 26-20 overtime victory over
a less than average Michigan team in a game MSU almost blew at home. The
other W's are a pair of 24-14 victories vs Big Ten also rans Illinois and Northwestern
plus a romp over sub-division foe Montana State.
    MSU should win their non-conference home game vs Western Michigan this
Saturday.....But.....They should've beaten Central Michigan at home too, and didn't
do it.
    Assuming the Spartans defeat the Broncos, they still have to score either a road
win at Purdue or a season-ending home victory vs BCS-ranked Penn State just to be
bowl eligible.
    MSU is pass defense-less and their "experienced" offensive line has failed time
and time again to open holes wide enough for the parade of Spartan running backs
to score on goal-to-go.
    If they do go bowling, Michigan State may get a gutter bowl bid.

    An era in Wayne State football ends this Saturday at Grand Valley in what will
be the final game for Sr-RBack Joique Bell.
    Bell has rewritten the WSU record book and has climbed into the top of the
NCAA career rushing lists too, even surpassing the D-2 numbers put up by the
great Walter Payton.
    Only a few thousand watched Bell each WSU football weekend, but they were
treated to quite a show almost every time.
    I fear the Tartar Warriors will regress to the bottom of the GLIAC standings
again once Bell is gone.




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