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COACH KURT AT LARGE, Week of 10/12/09
Posted on: 10-12-2009

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    Pete Rozelle preached, in fact created rules to promote parody in the
    The late Commish may be rolling in his grave.
    The inept Lions are just one of the nine NFL teams which have either
zero or one win through the first five weeks of the season. (It was 10
until Miami's Monday night home win over the NY Jets.)
    The distance between the top and the bottom has never been greater
in modern history.

    The Red Wings are in for a rough season.
    That was a fact before Johan Franzen went down with an ACL tear until
at least March.
    The free agency losses and lack of a decent back-up for Chris Osgood in
goal will tell their toll in the long run. The chinks in the armour aleady appeared
in the 0-2 trip to Sweden.
    I've watched Jimmy Howard at Grand Rapids and in his ten NHL games for
Detroit and I don't believe he's an NHL goaltender. Howard cost Detroit the
second Sweden loss to St. Louis because his reaction time on two critical
goals was just plain too slow. Like Joey MacDonald before him, Howard will be
a Red Wing failure.

    Don't even get me started on the dead payroll weight on the Tiger roster.
    Stiffs like Jeremy Bonderman, Nate Robertson, Donrelle Willis, Carlos
Guillen and Magglio Ordonez will account for a $65.5-million black hole in the
Tiger 2010 budget.
    The Minnesota Twins, who beat Detroit for the AL-Cenral title, spent
"just" $68-million this year on their entire roster.
    RHPs Justin Verlander and Edwin Jackson are due and deserve big raises.
So, the Tigers will have to cut corners elsewhre.
    That's why solid 2Bman Placido Polanco likely will not be re-signed, even
though he made "just" $4.6-million in 2009.
    Like Jimmy Howard with Mike Ilitch's other team, Toledo 2Bman Scott
Sizemore is not major league ready according to my eye.
    Unlike Howard, Sizemore may be a legit big leaguer someday.
    But not yet.

    I'll let you know if the Pistons are for real once I see hamstrung FA-signee
Charlie Villanueva actually play.



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