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Motor City Wrestling Yearbook Set
Price: $22.00

Set of five Motor City Wrestling Yearbooks from the promotion's peak
popularity years of 1992--1996. The magazine set features shapshots and
stories on such stars as Al Snow, Dan "The Beast" Severn, Bobo Brazil, The
Kangaroos, Iron Mike Anthony, Sabu, "Punisher" Rock Stevens, "Spartan"
Greg Bobchick, the Bounty Hunters, Irish Mickey Doyle, Lightning (1-2-3) Kid,
Norman the Lunatic, Dick the Bruiser, George "The Animal" Steele, Man Mt.
Lancaster, Scott D'Amore, The Gypsy, the SuperKeys, Hot Paradise, Coach Kurt
and more......This is a limited availability set preserved in our warehouse.

$22.00 (US) includes free shipping and handling.
Check or money order only (no cash). Item mailed upon confirmation of deposit of funds.
                      32231 Yonka Drive, Dept. B,
                      Warren, MI 48092-3233


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